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Electron-electron interaction driven phenomena in carbon nanotube devices (Ethan Minot, Oregon State University)

Event Details:

Friday, November 2, 2018
10:20am - 11:20am PDT


Spilker 143

Electron-electron interaction driven phenomena in carbon nanotube devices

Prof. Ethan Minot
Oregon State University

Strong electron-electron (e-e) interactions play an important role in determining the electrical and optical properties of nanomaterials. Our group uses individually-contacted carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as a model system to investigate the physics and applications of these strong interactions. I will discuss: (1) The quantum efficiency of CNT photodiodes, (2) renormalization of the band gap in semiconducting CNTs, (3) the emergence of an insulating state in metallic CNTs. All three of these topics depend critically on the strength of e-e interactions which we tune experimentally using electrostatic doping and dielectric screening. 


[1] Aspitarte, McCulley, Minot,  “Photocurrent Quantum Yield in Suspended Carbon Nanotube PN Junctions” Nano Letters 16, 5589  (2016)

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[3] Senger, McCulley, Lotfizadeh, Deshpande, & Minot “Universal interaction-driven gap in metallic carbon nanotubes” Physical Review B 97, 035445 (2018)

[4] Island, Ostermann, Steele, Aspitarte, Minot, Varsano, Rontani, Molinari, “Interaction-Driven Giant Orbital Magnetic Moments in Carbon Nanotubes” Physical Review Letters 121, 127704 (2018)

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