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Sub-femtosecond Electron Transport in Nanoscale Junctions

Date and Time: 
September 4, 2019 - 11:00am
PAB 102/103

Sub-femtosecond Electron Transport in Nanoscale Junctions

Markus Ludwig

Department of Physics
University of Konstanz


We harness phase-locked 4.2-femtosecond single-cycle transients at a pikojoule-level for sub-femtosecond all-optical biasing of a nanoscale tunneling junction embedded into a plasmonic nanocircuit. The resulting tunneling current bursts can be fully controlled by the carrier-envelope phase of the driving field and operate on attosecond time scales in a few-electron regime. By means of optical characteristic curves and interferometric autocorrelations we can probe the underlying ultrafast dynamics. Recently we advanced our studies towards atomic-scale tunneling junctions where electronic transport occurs between two individual gold atoms and thus through a single conduction channel. Such experiments provide access to quantum transport phenomena confined to truly atomic time and length scales.